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For the first time in my life I will watch a Caetano Veloso's show. I am very very excited about. The show will be in a famous house from Salvador city. It is a special part of the Castro Alves Theather, called Concha Acustica (Acoustic Shell). We can have a great approximation with the artist in this place and, in most of times, we pay sheaper the tiket.

The last time I was there was in a Manu Chao's presentation. It was a spetacular show of a spetacular artist, indeed.

Caetano Veloso will present in the Concha Acustica his new work, the Zii e Zie (aunt and uncle). It is in Italian language, in honour to Italian culture in Brazil. But, just the title is in Italian. The songs are in Portuguese and one in English.
All songs of the CD Zii e Zie can be listened in a blog where Caetano Veloso exposed all elaboration of the disc process: http://www.obraemprogresso.com.br/

Well, it is all for while. I wait back here with pictures of this Show made by myself (I love to take pics ; )

P.S. If you want, you may correct my English in any time. Thank you yet!!!

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